1. Cases That Justify Using Your Insurance

    Unfortunately, there are many unforeseen events that occur on a daily basis that cause medical malpractice cases to open in the judicial system. If you want to protect yourself or your facility against medical malpractice, it’s important to get coverage as soon as possible. Read our previous blog posts to learn more about medical liability insurance, if it’s for you and how you may benefit fro…Read More

  2. Do You Need Malpractice Insurance?

    When working in the medical field, you may hear individuals talk about malpractice liability insurance; now, you’re wondering if you may need it. For good reason, surgeons are the most common medical professionals who use and have medical liability insurance due to their nature of work. However, virtually all other medical professions should also have liability insurance because they too can be …Read More

  3. What Are the Benefits of Medical Malpractice Insurance?

    Although having medical malpractice insurance is not a law, it is highly recommended. If you’re in the medical field and you work directly with patients, practitioners and/or facilities, you can benefit from having medical malpractice insurance. Not only does it offer financial protection to whoever it covers in a claim against your practice, but there are many other circumstances that fall unde…Read More

  4. Professional Liability Insurance – What Is It?

    If you are a medical professional, you should have liability insurance that covers your actions and your well-being. Why? If someone refutes your actions, you will have coverage for the claims that have been made against you. Not only can this save you some money, but it can save your career if a serious accusation is made. Are you in a profession that needs liability insurance? There are certain …Read More